Midheaven In Zodiac Signs - Our Ideal Life Path

The midheaven (also known as MC or medium coeli) is highly connected to the energy of the 10th house. It's about your public achievements, your reputation and your social standing. It's the ideal you strive for, what you believe to be your purpose in life, your vocation.

It should not be confused with the karmic challenge to overcome in this life, which is determined by your North Node. Everyone is aware of the ideal they want to achieve, but knowing the spiritual obstacles you have to overcome requires some introspection. It is not obvious to everyone.

Knowing the role of the Midheaven in your chart can help you find the place where you could be a fit professionally or regarding achievements towards your community. Which responsabilities can you take? And how? What is the right path for you? Does it fit with your true self? A proper choice would maximize your chances to reach balance in life, especially from the returns you would receive.