North & South Nodes In Zodiac Signs

North Node in Aquarius & South Node in Leo

There is a part of your karma knowing what is right in many situations because it is easier for you to face reality than most of your peers. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle it as well as you. You are well aware of its impact on the world and humanity because you are socially aware of your environment.

"People don't care about the truth anyway! I can't be bothered!". You may think you are the original one, the prophet. Because of your impatience or stubbornness, you can come across as exuberant or pretentious. Or, you may feel lazy doing something about it. Your challenge is to learn to not be cocky or resigned because it is draining energy from you.

It is not because you are unorthodox that you cannot successfully share you understanding to humanity and remain a part of the whole world. That is your biggest soul challenge. Foster hospitality, encourage people, be magnanimous and you will rejuvenate. These are necessary steps to expand your destiny.

North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra

You are a diplomat and nurture cooperation and kindness. It's part of your DNA. You are accommodating and resentment is not in your vocabulary. This is the ideal of your karma talking. It is ruling your soul. Watch out, because many will try to take advantage of this, especially if you are naive.

You are likely to suffer from "Leading by consensus!" issues. There are situations where a group of individuals won't find an agreement, no matter the amount of discussion and patience it's leader has with them. This results into inactivity and delays. The job does not get done! Some will start to confront the leader's leadership abilities. Things get out of control.

You must give up trying to find a consensus at any price. Your life challenge is to learn to be self-confident and decisive. Do not dodge confrontations when they are necessary. It is a matter of survival. It's your key to success in life.

If you don't liberate your raw energy and passion, you are bound to hold a grudge and to never initiate anything new. It takes a lot of courage, but it's the real path to grace!

North Node in Cancer & South Node in Capricorn

Your karma shines with hard work and reliability. Yet, there is something in your style stifling your achievements. Some people can find you too blunt, too touchy or incapable of taking any criticism. You might be too conservative, too cold or too down to earth for them. It is not that you mean to be mean, but this is how they may experience you. You may have developed a carapace to protect yourself.

Your karmic imprint may shine a different spin: inhibition. Some will find you too shy, unimaginative or clingy to develop your potential. You might be living remotely and playing it too safe. You can't stand opposition.

Use your natural capacity to go into details with devotion and constancy in order to show fundamental gentleness and empathy. Open up. Be helpful. Use indirect remarks without being manipulative. This is your soul's life challenge to be nurtured in return and successful in life.

North Node in Capricorn & South Node in Cancer

Your karma baths in emotions, care and nurturing. People often love you because they feel protected with you. You are nice and fundamentally gentle. You think you hardly annoying. As far as you are concerned, you see the global picture and contemplate the world with devotion.

But, here is the glitch. As much as your intention are good and pure, there is something addictive. You are such a great reader at people's need that you see opportunities to intervene everywhere. You compulsively need to be helpful, because you feel good in return. You start many actions and end up in all directions. In the end, people perceive you like a guru or savior living like a hermit, telling what's good to everyone. Many find you too uninhibited and a bit dictatorial.

You need to let people learn to take care of themselves. Being constant in your contribution is key for your soul to grow. Being patient, down to earth and reliable will increase your efficiency. Learn how to play it safer and to manage adversity. Remember that receiving a no from someone is not a negation of your love.

North Node in Gemini & South Node in Sagittarius

You have the karma of an idealist. You are optimistic and always think for the higher purpose, like a philosopher. You are outspoken but honest with your convictions. You travel in your mind rather than in reality. A great sense of humor is your best escape.

Unfortunately, this detachment comes with a price. It isolates you from reality. People will have a hard time socializing and interacting with you. Some will find you inconsistent and superficial, which slowly pushes you into some kind of confinement.

As much as you hate it, your challenge is to learn to consider alternatives in the real world and take into account its limitations, not the limitations of the mind. Often, the ideal option is not a real option and compromises are needed.

The secret you will discover if you achieve this is that there is a lot of entertainment and exciting learning opportunities in the tangible world too.

North Node in Leo & South Node in Aquarius

There is something in your soul that bears novelty and originality. You are well aware of the state of humanity and you have original ideas to share. You care and have compassion in your own way. No matter how much you are ignored, you always find ways to replenish and to deliver again.

However, although you are integrated and have a social conscience, there is a part of your logic which is incorrect and not well connected to reality. Since you can be very assertive, people can perceive you as dominant and self-centered. They lose interest and reject you.

Your life challenge is to understand this pattern. Your duty is to break this vicious circle in order to communicate your ideas successfully.

North Node in Libra & South Node in Aries

Your soul and karma shine with the leadership skills or a pioneer. You are not scared of starting something new. You like challenges. You are self-confident, spontaneous and even adventurous. You have raw energy and show your passion in your endeavors. There is something in you which does not give up.

However, there is also something naive and too impulsive in your approach, preventing proper cooperation with others. You might be considered as a loudmouth and trigger a lot of discussions or even confrontations.

Your challenge in this life is to become aware of your contribution to your lack of success in life. It is about learning to become a diplomat and to judge less, or the grudge will only increase around you. If you succeed, your karma will radiate with grace.

North Node in Pisces & South Node in Virgo

Your karmic soul is dedicated to purity. Virginity and preserved environments are important for you. You have an eye for details and observe the world around you with an analytical mind. Perfection, which includes yourself, is always in your thoughts. You are worried when it is missing and can be very critical of yourself and others if they are responsible for it.

Your life challenge is to learn to let go with your inflexibility and over-sensitivity regarding the research of the immaculate. People need you to be more open-minded and more adaptable. Many can find you cruel considering your expectations of them.

As much as artists or dreamers may seem impure to you, because they might be unfocused, their achievements are considered pure by many. Perfection in relationships can be achieved with tenderness and sensitivity. People like humane and compassionate people. This is what your need to learn and to trust. Do not hesitate to ask the help of others to help your soul process and accept this if necessary.

North Node in Sagittarius & South Node in Gemini

Your karmic soul radiates caution and pragmatism. You only consider real options and take time to estimate the value of each trade. You don't believe in promises. Although you can be very social and interactive, you are incredulous of the human race. Your jokes can be very cynical.

Somehow, you are a prisoner of your convictions, they are dogmas to you. Your life challenge is to open your mind to other ideas and philosophies. Be more detached. Learn to trust your instinct when someone is genuinely honest with you. Sometimes, there are good reasons to be optimistic and idealistic in life. Visit the world if you don't see it around you, your sense of humor might improve and appeal to a bigger audience.

North Node in Scorpio & South Node in Taurus

Your karma radiates hard work. You are dependable and devoted to the people and projects you participate to. You can take quite a burden. You have the stamina to achieve all your duties. You are prosperous.

Yet, this is likely to hide a lack of confidence compensated by materialism. You might not be aware of this, but it is interpreted as possessiveness by many. You are suspicious of other's agenda and don't like enquirers. Your reflex is to withdraw and to remain secret in these situations.

You have the means to be generous. Your challenge is to learn to seek the truth and to have a clear vision of the people's motives. Be bold about it. Slowly, you will transform into an understanding and compassionate character.

North Node in Taurus & South Node in Scorpio

Your karma diffuses lucidity. You see clearly in dark and muddy situations. You have a sixth sense to detect hidden truths, pains or agendas. You are very confident about your perceptions. You take your time to enquire and to establish the truth. You don't tolerate compromises. Many don't like being caught cheating and lying or the publicity that comes with it.

Your life challenge is to find out when it is the right time and the right context to speak the truth. Else, no matter how ethical your actions are, you will face dire consequences, repeatedly. Being stubborn and uncompromising is a sure path to creating many enemies. They will seek to hurt you.

You need to learn to settle disputes when it is wise to do so. You need to be more selfish and to protect yourself rather than sacrificing all for the greater good. It is about not loosing your health in the process and remaining dependable to the ones who love you. Living in the fear of retaliation will hurt your sexuality and well-being.

North Node in Virgo & South Node in Pisces

Your karma radiates kindness. You are totally unselfish and open at some level. You are adaptable and don't need to develop a high profile. You are sensitive, humane and compassionate. You tend to follow your intuition. Your sensitivity drives your actions. You probably don't notice or won't care that people can take advantage of you, for example, by telling lies.

It's as if you wanted to preserve this idea that kindness will protect you from everything. You mission in life is to learn to filter people, to scrutinize and to observe them. The absence of criticism is not the absence of flaws, even for you. Learn to become an observer and to keep some distance as necessary.

You probably already know all that. You are not an idiot. Don't feed the monsters with your kindness and love, they are incapable of doing anything good with it, for themselves or for others. Love does not cure all is what your soul needs to process.