Lilith In Zodiac Signs - Transits

Lilith in Aquarius

When Lilith transits in Aquarius, it's time you take a break with your fixations and unorthodox reactions. Review the way you assert yourself. Take some vacation if necessary, have some rest!

If your relationship with humanity is filled with bitter emotions, take a step back or it could seriously hurt your long term reputation. The way others consider you and the way you consider others is at stake.

You have a lot of valid new and alternative ideas to share. Take the softer and more rational approach to deliver your message. You are part of a whole and the whole will accept what you have to contribute. There will be some energizing returns if you come across as a someone accessible.

If there is any belief you need to use sexuality to get some attention, forget about it. Learn to connect with people without it.

Lilith in Aries

When Lilith transits in Aries, it's time to get over your naivety and to transform your passion into leadership. Become pioneer, be adventurous, learn to take on new challenges. Raise your reputation, wow the crowds! Learn to deal with slander.

You will need to stand adversity to succeed in any new endeavour. It's about raising your level of self-confidence and controlling your impulsivity. Don't be scared to use your sex appeal while remaining spontaneous and independent.

Lilith in Cancer

When Lilith transits in Cancer, she is less obsessive than usual, at least seemingly. Your empathy for other's pain is mobilized. If you don't have natural empathy, it is time to develop some or you will raise some harsh criticism. You will have to contemplate the direct and indirect consequences of your careless actions on others so far.

For the empaths, you will feel a strong urge (dare I say irresistible need?) to protect and to care for those you consider your kind in pain and injustice. All of them are your cubs and benefit from your devotion and gentleness, no matter what. Your laser eyes identify their needs with great accuracy. You might be taken by surprise by their gratitude. Surprisingly, you may become their role model.

Lilith in Capricorn

When Lilith transits in Capricorn, you are more sensitive to accusations, not matter if they are justified or not. You may be exhiled from your community for your actions. It is hard to stay calm and down to earth. You can be hesitant about the right way forward.

Yet, this transit bears incredible energies to climb any mountains through hard work, diligence and by paying attention to details. Conservative management and patience will go a long way. Working alone, in an isolated environment is also an option.

If you have been a victim of calumny or have been guilty of actions damaging your reputation, it is time to do whatever has to be done, assiduously, to obtain absolution or forgiveness for the offence. Adopting a low profile is recommended.

Lilith in Gemini

Lilith does not feel serene in Gemini. She is walking on a tightrope where she constantly has to consider all options and alternatives in order to achieve anything properly. You won't be able to pick an option and stick to it. Reviews will be frequent. Don't let your lack of comfort make you believe you are not the man/woman for the situation. You just can't rely on your usual tactics and strategy.

On the other side, you are the center of the party, bringing all the entertainment and the animation stirring interactions around you. You could initiate a strip-tease on the table in a bar. You are very popular socially speaking.

Lilith in Leo

Lilith transiting Leo needs to get the facts right, before moving forward. Fixations can block expansion or any feeling of being in control. Failing to do so may lead to abuse or arrogant behavior. The more you try to force your way through, the more resistance you will meet.

Once the knots are untangled, anything is possible. People will consider you with kindness and conviviality.

Lilith In Libra

Lilith transit in Libra is about taking a stand in moral debates involving any form of injustice. You could hold a lot of grudge because of a personal situation or because you sympathize with someone you relate to. This can easily put you off-balance.

You have the inner conviction you are the right person to deal with it, but you are wondering about the best method: diplomacy, confrontation or cooperation? Would grace and kindness work? Do you need to be tough? How will you be considered by others? Is it going to be effective?

The key to this transit is to understand that if you don't let your emotions take control over you, there is ultimately no best way to take action. Only indecision will lead to failure.

Lilith in Pisces

When Lilith transits Pisces, it is about becoming lighter. You are invited to let go with your obsessions, unfair judgments and over-sensitivity. Have you been taken advantage of? Have you been selfish? Have you been judgmental?

Learn how to show your soft side and your feminine side. Know when to adopt a lower profile. Open your mind, reconnect with your intuition. Allow yourself to develop your artistic side. It will help with all your relationships.

Lilith in Sagittarius

When Lilith transits Sagittarius, she is very potent. It is independence at its peak. It penetrates every area of your life and leaves no stone unturned. You will review all you ideas about it and may experience a liberating paradigm shift. Optimism will return as a result.

This transit is also about sexual liberation in bed (i.e., you animality). It is about transformation through some voyage, be it psychological or intellectual only. It could also happen while meeting someone abroad. Besides, you will have the opportunity to let go with social constraints not working for you anymore.

Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith is comfortable when transiting in Scorpio. She sees clearly through any past abuse, especially sexual abuse. It does not matter if you you have been a victim or if you committed the abuse, you will remember about those events and be asked to tell the truth, if not for your own sake. Remaining secretive and withdrawn is not an option. Any unresolved matter will be revisited.

This transit is also about boosting your sex appeal and learning to be confident (if not bold) with it.

Lilith in Taurus

When Lilith transits in Taurus is about negotiating your case properly. You have to learn to be persistent. Don't settle for a bad agreement. Do ask for some material compensation for the prejudice.

In relationships, you have to accept to become a dependable partner to make it work. Or, if your partner is not dependable, stop believing you have to tolerate this burden in order to keep him/her. It does not make you more of an ideal partner too.

The way you solicit sex or your level of generosity and physicality in this matter may have to be reconsidered up or down to meet your or other's expectations.

Lilith in Virgo

When Lilith transits Virgo, obsessions go out of control. You take a look at every detail with a molecular microscope. Scrutiny and precision are absolute dogmas. You need to learn to ask for help and advice from others to relax.

You are uncompromising about maintaining your reputation or giving your virginity to anyone. You are extremely suspicious of anyone's intentions. You'd rather be an observer than take any risks. You are inflexible and reserved. It's ok only if the situation warrants it.

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