Lilith In The Houses - Natal Chart

Lilith in the 1st House

These Lilithians are highly preoccupied with how they are being perceived. They are convinced first impressions matter most and will go all the extra miles to maintain a perfect reputation. They avoid creating stillborn situations and relationships.

Hurt their public image at your own peril. They can become viciously haunted by obtaining repair or by destroying your own public image or reputation. Retaliation can be achieved with disgrace and discredit.

Their presence is noticed by everyone, but it is not about pushing it forward intentionally or with a hidden agenda. They often develop a natural magnetism or aura. They know how to naturally stir all the energy required to get the party or a project started.

Lilith in the 2nd House

Such individuals gather the resources required for emancipation and autonomy. They can be very patient and obstinate about it. You will hardly catch them off-guard financially or psychologically.

They often have a strong carapace against lies, calumny and slander. They stand in a strong defensive position and can fight long wars if necessary. Don't besiege them, you are bound to lose.

These Lilithians preserve their independence. They are sometimes confused between their own value and the value of their belongings. They wonder which makes others interested in them. They can offer some kind of security trade in relationships. Ideal partners are those standing on their side.

Lilith in the 3rd House

These Lilithians have one and only one world view and they know it. They understand others have different perspectives, but it does not matter. It is not going to change their mind.

They also know it's because people have different opinions that communication is key to create healthy relationships. They can go to great length in order to access the other's internal dialog and create an opening. On the other side, if they face resistance, it can create an internal friction leading to infinite frustration. Some will burst, but all will try again later when there is an opportunity.

With such Lilithians, everyone is an autonomous individual. Fusion does not exist, it is an illusion created by communication and exchange.

Lilith in the 4th House

For these individuals, feeling home is not primarily achieved by owning real estate or by complying with their family's cultural heritage, but rather through emotional security. It is driving all their decisions in relationships. Don't expect them to move forward if it is in jeopardy.

Emotional security and stability is their foundation. If they have a lot, partners will feel drawn into an irresistible cocoon of comfort. If they don't or have been abused, they will attract the ideal partner capable of providing it or making them feel safe.

The quality of intimacy in the relationship is key for these Lilithians. Don't break it and don't expose it or you might lose everything in an instant!

Lilith in the 5th House

Having Lilith in the 5th house is a game of contrast. On the up side, Lilith's inner child feels energized and free, because this house welcomes spontaneity, pleasure and creativity.

These Lilithians will radiate an aura of youth and innocence. Expect them to bring beauty in their environment. The typical sexual appeal of Lilithians is downplayed in this house as if puberty was not reached yet. They may resist growing up into responsible adults.

Although they are 'naturals' when it comes to playing with children, parenting responsibilities is often in conflict with their desire of independence. However, it can turn out to be the complete opposite: they want to become parents too soon. Dad issues are strongly accentuated in this house, no matter if it is unresolved issues with your dad, or becoming a dad at any price.

Female Lilithians are likely to stand for legal abortion and attract a lot of criticism from those fighting against it. It may stir an aggressive fight for women's rights for emancipation.

Lilith in the 6th House

Lilith does not go unnoticed, but in this house, this is where she is the most discrete and uses avoidant strategies to preserve her independence or to access freedom. This is achieved via day to day tactics, step by step. Such Lilithians are the most reasonable and conservative amongst all Lilithians.

There is a strong understanding that the less attention you get, the more you preserve inner harmony and harmonious environments. The less you raise other's defense mechanisms with your actions, the more you can move forward with your plans.

They have a soft approach to flirting and to sexual solicitations. They fear being considered as licentious or depraved. Rather than fighting such accusations head on, they prefer withdrawing and adopting an attitude proving the opposite. Such Lilithians are not weak, they are cautious. They know how to stand their ground patiently until an opportunity arises.

Lilith in the 7th House

In this house, Lilith is only active regarding committed relationship. It is about an obsession to find the right partner, the one you can trust and who will treat you fairly. It is about setting the proper expectations.

These Lilithians will need their space and freedom in the couple. It is about finding the right level of cooperation. When something goes wrong in the relationship, especially at the intimate level or if there is abuse or if the trust is broken, this can go way out of proportion. Partners can become open enemies.

Lilith in the 8th House

Having Lilith in the 8th is explosive. It is sexual innuendo at its peak. Think about Marvin Gaye's sexual healing. Such Lilithians won't tolerate a platonic relationship and if they are stuck in it, expect them to find sexual satisfaction via discrete marital affairs. Or, they may be themselves be obsessed about their partner having secret relationships. This is intense.

These Lilithians can support and help heal anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse or who has been violated in their intimacy. They typically have all the psychological and emotional skills required to achieve this within a relationship or in a professional environment.

Such Lilithians are comfortable with their sexuality and it is quite impossible to upset them by calling lascivious or indecent behavior. They are on top of their game.

Lilith in the 9th House

This is the most intellectual Lilithian of them all. They are likely to get involved in political and moral debates related to feminism and women's promotion. They will fight for their emancipation and protection. Such advocates will travel the world to share their conviction and publications.

Lilith in the 10th House

This person has a strong drive and desire to reach a high social status or a position of authority. They want the pride and honor that comes with it since they have the fundamental conviction it's the best way to be considered by others and to deliver their best. Sometimes, it is about emancipation.

This is not necessarily a narcissistic trip. Some are genuinely motivated by a desire to achieve something for their communities before their own benefit. Expect them to be (or to mimic) the man or woman of the situation and to use their sex appeal relentlessly to influence and to solicit groups. Many will force their own hands to get their way through.

Any public criticism made by someone who has authority on them is triple the pain and can lead to strong feelings of unfairness or injustice. It can trigger an inner rage for revenge or justice.

Lilith in the 11th House

There is an inner conflict between the need to live a life of their own or to be an individual standing out of the crowd, and the comfort of living and benefiting from the love and warmth of social groups.

These individuals may have been adopted or feel like they don't really belong to their family. They feel different and can be misunderstood. They are often sensitive to social injustice and have a natural empathy for abandoned and abused children. They may stir jealousy from their own group or be envious of someone in the group.

But, they may also be very clear about how others consider them and understand that they don't understand who they really are, good and bad. They can be accused of being deviant when they are simply different. Don't be surprised if these Lilithians join or create their own networks.

Lilith in the 12th House

Having Lilith in the 12th house is an extreme position. Don't expect compromise when such Lilithians have a premonition. No matter the adversity, they will stick to it beyond what many would consider reasonable. They can connect to what is happening before being able to put words on it.

They can make correct prophecies or be blinded by self-fulfilling prophecies and their own illusions. Only time reveals who is right. They are not scared of being martyrs, to suffer abuse or to risk their reputation. They will totally ignore how people will consider them. It just does not matter.

When there is a shortcoming, it can trigger the deepest introspection and isolation. It is a monumental personal breakdown. On the other side, it can trigger the greatest inner breakthrough. A complete liberation of the self and from obsolete paradigms. It is about breaking all the chains towards independence and autonomy.

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