Sextiles - Opportunities & Interventions While Being In Control

A sextile happens when two astral items have an angle of 60° using a tolerance of 4° to 5°.

Sextiles are opportunities, but not hidden opportunities. It is not about luck, you are in control. They are talents you know you can count on. If you want to benefit from these, you have to decide to take action or to commit to something like an objective, a project or a relationship. Benefiting from sextile requires some effort from you, but the road is clear and with little obstacles. You just need to opt-in. You are in control and in a position to use your influence. You can slow things down or accelerate them, start or stop them.

Sextiles indicate complementary energies. They can fix or repair situations. You can use them to modify any existing structure. You can create bonds and bridges, or destroy them. They provide possible paths to open up to others, or to exit unsatisfying relationships. They are also about synchronizing and respecting each other's rhythm. Sextiles rule your investments.

In extreme situations, involving connected draining or aggravating aspects, sextiles may suggest total indecision leading to paralysis or too many options to consider leading to status quo.

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