Pholus - Other's Addictions & Transgenerational Self-Destruction

Pholus is a little known and little used in astrology. It's meaning and role are nor well defined yet since it is was discovered recently. However, from the mythology, we can infer a couple of hypotheses.

Contrary to Neptune, which deals with personal addictions, Pholus is about dealing with the consequences of other's addictions on us (for example, an alcoholic parent, a codependent partner). How does it impact us? How do we related to them and to the issue? Do we accept to become intolerant with intolerant and abusive people? Or are we stuck in a guilt conflict mixing love and fear of rejection? Do we feel powerless in these situations?

Pholus is about edge situations where we are somehow forced to take care of ourselves or to take care of a situation we are not responsible for, but which we believe we can't escape, or don't know how to escape. It can be a transgenerational poison which has to be cured. In some cases, Pholus is about addressing our selflessness.

There are two fundamental questions asked by Pholus: Are we ready to use mature ways to solve the issues we have to deal with? And are we stuck trying to solve situations we are not responsible for? We are not responsible for making unhappy parents, friends or partners happy. If we decide to, is it because we feel obligated? Or do we feel free to say no? Are we taking care of our own happiness first, or do we feel like it is not a priority?

One one side, Pholus is about trying to solve situations through discussions. To restore fairness, gentleness and wisdom. It is a facilitator and a catalyst, rather than a diplomat. It is about finding ways to avoid self-destruction.

One the other side, if we don't know how to deal with these issues, we may seek sources of powers through what fascinates us. We cross limits and even transgress our own limits. We take inconsiderate risks, like in extreme sports. It is also about inhibitions and compulsions leading to reckless attitudes. The straw that broke the camel's back. Curiosity killed the cat.

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