Lilith - Gender Equality, Defamation, Sex-Appeal & Obsessions

Lilith has a bad reputation, but is it deserved? There are two sides to the story. Some say a man refused her sexual solicitation, which led her to take revenge. Others suggest she refused the sexual solicitation of that man who decided to defame her using reverse accusation. This got her to feel enraged with a desire to take revenge. It is said she took their children away. Was it to protect them or have control on that man? Or both?

On one side, Lilith is our feminine instinct. It is gender equality, emancipation of women, sexual freedom and feminism. It is about living the life we want, following our own rules, but not as a rebel against society. It is about having an independent spirit. It is also rage against unfair treatment and false accusations. Lilith rules discredit and exile.

One the other side, Lilith covers our deepest desires and sex appeal. It's the ideal man or woman we wish to encounter; the one fulfilling all our desires, dreams and expectations (nymphs). She rules irresistible attractions and the taboos we would have to break to dare engaging in such relationships. It is obsession, seduction and magnetism. It is our relationship to freewill and to the absolute, our refusal to give up.

Lilith reveals a lot about how we are being considered (i.e., status) in our relationships and how we consider others. It also deals with abuse related to the satisfaction of our and other's desires.

About the different kinds of Lilith

Lilith in astrology is also known as the dark moon or black moon. From an astronomical point of view, the black moon is closer to the earth than the dark moon, but it does make a difference in astrology since they are aligned. The position of Lilith depends on the pseudo-elliptic path of the moon. If an ellipse is used to compute its position, one talks about mean Lilith, but if the exact moon path is used, one talks about the true Lilith. Some claim that dark moon Lilith would be a second moon to the earth, but it has never been observed.

There is also an asteroid called Lilith floating somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, in the asteroid belt. It is (most often) in a completely different sky position than traditional Lilith. It is important to clarify which Lilith you are referring to in astrology for readings and interpretation.

Some people talk about black astrology (which is not to be confused with black moon astrology, which the same as Lilith-related astrology). It is not related to Lilith itself or any of its other name. Lilith is also depicted as a dark goddess in both the Hebraic and Sumerian mythology. We refuse this prejudice when considering the role she plays in astrology.

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