Juno - Husband & Wife (Or Not) !!!

Juno is about meeting the right partner for a lasting relationship. It can be a soulmate or a wedding partner. It is not love or attraction at first sight, but like at first sight leading to true and mature love, and mystic unions. It is about commitment, mutual support. It's down to earth, no candid romantism. It's about mutual understanding and being ready to make sacrifices to make the relationship work.

It may take some time before we notice such partners. We need to solve our own issues and biases before being receptive which includes 'waiting for prince charming', mama expectations, immature narcissistic desires or expecting others to fill our gaps (not being responsible for ourselves first). Sometimes, it is about getting over a former partner, or curing emotional and child abuse.

Loving people for their qualities is easy, but are we ready to live with or accept their flaws too? Are we searching for Mister or Miss perfect? Are we setting unrealistic expectations too high? Conversely, are we staying in unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationships? Are we setting our expectations too low? Do we allow ourselves to get what we deserve? Can we distinguish the wrong partners for us? Is there a pattern?

The more we are at peace with such issues, the more the opportunities offered by Juno become accessible. Juno is about perfection, but not in dreams. It is about perfection in reality, in our day-to-day life. Juno also rules marital affairs and how we relate to these, betrayal in love relationships, possessiveness, manipulation and control issues. It's also the land of desperate housewives (or not).

Many try to find the 'right partner' according to the position of Juno in their chart and/or in their potential partner's chart. Although it is nice to have a partner fitting with our Juno house or vice-versa, it is only a cherry on the cake. It is absolutely not a must have. In synastry, the way Juno is aspected with potential partners is much much much more important. It should be the priority.

If you are finding it hard to make any relationship work, check how Juno and Venus are aspected in your birth chart. Oppositions, sesquiquadrates, semi-squares and quincunx aspects are challenges to overcome first and/or personal biases you need to keep in check. If you experiencing difficulties with only one partner, check how Juno is aspect in their chart and how it is aspected between the both of you.

Squares involving Juno can inject a lot of energy and vitality into the relationship. It raises the level of intensity.

Unconvential celestial bodies: Ceres - Lilith - Pallas Athena - Pholus - Vesta