Ceres - Resources & Needs, Nurturing, Pregnancy

Ceres rules agriculture, the cycle of sowing and harvesting. She is mother nature. She also rules pregnancies, parental responsibilities and child custody. It is about being a good provider or not, nurturing others and how others nurture us. Taking care of our needs or other's needs. Do we know and understand our needs?

Ceres is also about nutrition and food. Badly aspected Ceres suggests eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, obesity, gluttony), and being over-protective or careless with others. It also rules fertility and sterility, famine and abundance.

She is not unrelated to finance since the viability of many projects depend on investors, at least at the beginning. Manipulating others with money to get affection is common is not uncommon. Or, it's the uncle or aunt who supported you financially at University.

The downside of Ceres also includes those willing to control others by controlling their access to resources, preventing them from becoming mature and independent. Or it might a child still living at their parent's house after 30. A refusal to get a life of their own at to take care of themselves.

Some will maintain people in slavery using starvation. Think about genetically modified sterile seeds, those you can only sow once. Others will seek to create dependency relationships to satisfy their needs. Or, they might be codependent themselves.

A balanced Ceres knows how to give and receive without playing games. She rules the development of interdependent relationships and knows how to raise children. She has abundant inner resources and fosters autonomy. She can be very generous when necessary.

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