Vesta - Sexuality, Devotion & Purity

Vesta is researching inner volume and value through purity. It is the virgin goddess needing spiritual retreats to recover from stress. Its energy is about purification, like a candle can purify the atmosphere. An eternal flame. It is about preserving what is sacred.

Vesta also rules sex that is not porn, animal or perceived as filthy. On the up side, it can be healing sex or tantric sex, or the conviction some prostitutes have that they are doing good by taking care of society. It is sex as a gift, not sex to connect or sex for the sole purpose of seeking pleasure. On the down side, Vesta can be about sexual repression, excessive puritanism, promiscuity and intimacy issues. 'I am not pure enough' leading to an incapacity to commit or to open our intimacy to someone.

It's about how we deal with the build up of our libido (our instinctual biological drive) and how we channel that energy. Do we avoid relationships by sublimating this energy into spirituality or religion? Or by conforming with social and religious norms? Are we considering taking religious vows? Is it 'no sex before marriage'? Do we become fanatics of purity, destroying anything impure? Or, are we giving ourselves too easily? Are we giving ourselves fully hoping to get some return or attachment? Are we secretly trading our value? Are we transgressing the limits of our personal integrity? Did we learn to set our limits and boundaries before committing to anyone? Is having an ego the barrier preventing true and pure connections?

When positively aspected, Vesta delivers the energy of Zen, organization and simplification. Vesta is soothing. She enables mental clarity, focus, dedication, devotion, leading to perfection. She organizes sacred rituals and provides ultimate care, like a devoted priestess would. She creates and maintains the sacred space in temples. Vesta knows when to maintain healthy intimate distances and when to open up to another. She rules virgins and prostitutes.

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