7th House - Partnerships, Cooperation & Marriage

The seventh house is not about us or our inner-self, it's about how we relate to others in one-to-one relationships. This includes not only wedding partners but also business partners and known competition, adversaries, opponents and enemies. Who is loyal? Who is not? Are we loyal?

This house reveals our expectations and preferences in relationships, including our projected expectations and ideals. Which energies are we attracted to? Which energy do we offer? Is there a match between offer and needs? Are we always attracting the same kind of partner? Are there recurring themes? Are these bad for us? Do you see yourself with that person? Should you divorce that person? Should you start a business with this person? What do you need most from your partners?

The 7th house is about how we take part in our social interactions. It's about cooperation, unions and contractual agreements (social and legal). It also rules interpersonal power struggles.

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