Semi-Sextiles - Serendipity & Time Is On Your Side

Semi-sextiles indicate energies working slowly together for gentle growth or for restoring life, but these are not strong enough to repair broken structures. Think about life and plants coming back after a volcano has erupted. It's the energy of nature slowly covering every piece of land if you give it time. Semi-sextiles are the gentle slope getting the ball rolling.

Semi-sextiles slowly bring back life in relationships, after disputes for example. Semi-sextiles are time on your side. It is the opposite of Murphy's Law, if things can go right, they are likely to go right if nothing disturbs the process. Semi-sextiles take care of the details for you.

Contrary to sextiles, semi-sextiles operate automatically. In fact, you need to explicitly opt-out of what semi-sextiles perform for you if you don't want it to happen (whatever the reason). Besides, whereas you are clearly aware of your options with sextiles, what semi-sextiles achieve can easy escape your attention, but not to the extent of operating unconsciously.

In synastry, semi-sextiles are a strong indication that chemistry will operate between involved energies. It is a big plus for the success of lasting relationships. Semi-sextiles also rule serendipity.

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