Pallas Athena - Discernment, Being In Command & Father/Daughter Relationships

Pallas Athena is born out of Zeus' head. She is the archetypal female nerd and somehow a female version of Mercury, but more creative and artistic. She is clever and has a helicopter view of situations. She sees both sides of a story which helps discerning subtleties most will ignore when they are over-emotional. She connects ideas and patterns together. She also tries to instore fairness and to restore justice.

Pallas is our capacity to distinguish and to create patterns from chaos and to discover contradictory and divergent opinions in order to resolve them. Her acumen is unpaired. She also rules father and daughter relationships, so if there is any issue at this level, check the how Pallas is aspected in your chart and in your father's chart, and between the both of you.

Pallas Athena is also about claiming your own power and being in control of your emotions. It is about being in command or not. She supports long efforts and heroic actions.

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