8th House - Sex, Secrets, Death & Regeneration

The 8th house covers several aspects of sex, such as secrecy (marital affairs, secret encounters, forbidden sexuality), intimacy (deep connections, exalted state of communion, sexual initiation, how we share intimacy with others, fear of intimacy and "feeling the other" instinctively). It also covers esoteric and alternative sexuality, sexual taboos, sexual abuse, prostitution and control and dominance by sexuality. It's the house of the inner-self and intuition, but also of rituals.

It rules secrets: family secrets, personal secrets, hidden agendas, psychological motivations, deep motivations, our dark side, the occult and nocturn activities. It's also about traumas, ugly things done to you or that you did to others, repressed memories, forgotten hurt, irrational fears and unexplained anxieties.

The eighth house is about revealing the truth, especially during transits. It covers investigations, going into the nitty-gritty, leaving no stone unturned. The truth and reality rises to the top in this house. It's about addressing our pains and insecurities. It's also about debunking myths and false beliefs. It's about experiencing deep emotions, beyond words. It's about insights and/or understanding our soul and other's souls.

This house is also about being passionate: emotional intensity, jaleousy, revenge, retaliation, trust issues, tit for tat, getting even, selfishness. It's partners in crime (Bonnie and Clide). It can be a desire to control the world, circumstances and others.

The work of this house is about learning to surrender, letting go, dealing with our fear of losing control, letting the transformation of all energies happen, accepting the death of a relationship or a situation as a necessary step for a transition. The ego has no sovereignty or control in the 8th house, resistance is futile. Let go with the ego. It's about accepting the loss, pleading guilty, telling the truth and resurrection. It is about detachment, enjoying personal freedom rather than living in a prison. It's the house of the Phoenix, rebirth from ashes, regeneration. It's about starting to heal.

At last, the 8th house rules shared resources, especially financial resources: inheritance, alimony, taxes, insurance, bonuses, child support, loans, credits, insurances, prizes, refunds. It is also about prosperity and supporting each other (any kind of support, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional,

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