5th House - Spontaneity, Pleasure, Dating & Fathers

The 5th house covers several distinct themes of our lives. First, it covers spontaneity and pleasure. It's about the inner child in us. What do you enjoy in life and how do you enjoy it? What do you consider to be fun? What are your hobbies? How and where do you take vacations? Which amusement park do you like?

It also rules creativity and how you express yourself artistically. What is your personal touch? What is your style? What is totally you? How do you radiate? It's also about your appreciation of other's creativity and spontaneity.

The fifth house includes fathers, your father and being a father. It is about parenting and baby project too. How do you relate to children as a parent? Do you enjoy kids activities? Did you feel comfortable being spontaneous as a child or not? Did you feel safe and protected or not? Have you been loved and cared for by your father or not? This house is not about the Father in psychology (i.e., relationship to authority), which is handled in the 10th house.

At last, this house rules flirting and dating. It rules romantic relationships, but not the commitment to marriage, which is ruled by the 7th house. Although it rules all pleasures, including sex, this does not include the animal part of sex, which is ruled by the 8th house.

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