4th House - Feeling Home, Roots & Nurturing

If we have not been nurtured, we may never develop the emotional security you need to feel secure and to feel 'at home'. The 4th house rules the Mother in psychology, the nurturer. Have you experienced unconditional love (which is not to be confused with unconditional relationships)? It's about inner emotional foundations and roots. It's about private comfort and places where you can retreat. It rules sanctuaries and cocoons.

The fourth house also rules ancestries, cultural heritage and reincarnation. Where do you come from? What are your roots? Can you integrate elements of the past or from family traditions? Do you have a place where you can invite others and let them into our intimacy? Is emotional closeness comfortable or not? Are you sedentary or a rolling stone? Can you develop roots?

This house also rules real estate, working from home and legacies. It's about family financial support. It's also about planning for old age and finding a place to rest. In synastry, it's about creating a nest with your partner.

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