2nd House - Possessions, Self-Worth & Wealth

The 2nd house is about what we value, no matter if it is material or non-material. It defines our relationship to money and possessions. How do you accumulate wealth? Why do you accumulate wealth? Are you financially dependant on others or financially comfortable? Do you pull your own weight? What is your value? What are your talents? How do you earn money? How do you spend it?

The second house is also about personal finance: savings, budgeting and financial status. Do you have debts? Are you possessive? Controlling with money? Thrift? Hoarding? Are you generous? Are you careless with your finances? Do you invest in projects to harvest benefits in the future or do you leave your money at the bank?

At last, this house is about our sense of self-worth. It covers our needs and wants. Do you have access to resources (inner or outer)? Are you self-sufficient? Are you free and autonomous? At work, do you feel well paid or underpaid?

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