Midheaven In Zodiac Signs - Our Ideal Life Path

The midheaven (also known as MC or medium coeli) is highly connected to the energy of the 10th house. It's about your public achievements, your reputation and your social standing. It's the ideal you strive for, what you believe to be your purpose in life, your vocation.

It should not be confused with the karmic challenge to overcome in this life, which is determined by your North Node. Everyone is aware of the ideal they want to achieve, but knowing the spiritual obstacles you have to overcome requires some introspection. It is not obvious to everyone.

Knowing the role of the Midheaven in your chart can help you find the place where you could be a fit professionally or regarding achievements towards your community. Which responsabilities can you take? And how? What is the right path for you? Does it fit with your true self? A proper choice would maximize your chances to reach balance in life, especially from the returns you would receive.

Saturn In 4th House - Breaking Or Complying With Tradition

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the 4th house is about traditions and cultural inheritance as the foundation of your own culture, but also our relationship to real estate and what supports our emotional security in the tangible world.

You could work as an architect or a sociologist. You could also operate as a therapist helping people integrate their feelings and emotions. The quality of your house or living space matters for you. When Saturn is aspected smoothly, it suggests you will be a reliable parent and grand-parent, or that you will benefit from their support. The transmission of knowledge and wealth is likely to be fluid and transparent.

If Saturn is harshly aspected, this suggests you won't integrate the values of your culture. This is not necessarily a bad thing if there is a need to break with obsolete traditions. You may have to face conditional love from those who are supposed to give you unconditional love, or you may be the one using conditional love.

In Transit

Saturn transiting in the 4th house challenges our relationship to our older family members and the generation following us. Have we rejected them? Have they rejected us? Was it for the right or wrong reasons? Has it caused you emotional turmoil? Is time for a truce or to break away completely? Is it time to forgive? Can they welcome you and can you welcome them? Should you? Is there be an emotional continuity between generations or not? Does the family tree get stronger or not? Where do you need to obtain emotional closure?

It is also a period where you will start to think about your own legacy to this world before you reincarnate into another life. It's a time to write down wills and to make sure you will benefit from the support you will need for older days. Is it time to invest in a proper shelter? Should sell your current real estate and invest into a smaller home now that children are away?

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Saturn In 3rd House - Reliable Communication Channels Or Gossiping

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the 3rd house is about diplomats and ambassadors. It's about finding the right communication channels with others. Ultimately, it is about building reliable communication networks. It is also about building places where communion is possible, like churches for example.

When Saturn is positively aspected, the individual is likely to initiate or to participate in large professional networks. Their communication will be clear and efficient. They might become excellent teachers, journalists or evangelists.

If negatively aspected, such people may lack integrity in their communication. They may have a special interest for gossiping or for reading or working for low-quality celebrity news magazines. Methodic provocation can be a desperate attempt to obtain attention or some reaction from others.

In Transit

When Saturn transits the 3rd house, it's time to review or polish our perception of others and of the world. If you are an introvert, it's also about bringing your inner dialogs into the open. If you are an extrovert, it's about learning when to keep some conversations to yourself. Sometimes, what you have to say is just too much information.

This transit is also about learning how to communicate with the audiences we are interested in. At the business level, this is public relations and advertising. It is about developing new perspectives and association of ideas by analyzing people and the world around us. It's an opportunity to reduce our level of ignorance, to shake off some false beliefs and naivety about others.

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Saturn In 2nd House - Financial Integrity & Protection

In The Birth Chart

Saturn in the 2nd house is about the structures fulfilling your needs, especially financial needs. It's La Fontaine's fable of La Cigale et la Fourmi. Are you saving for winter days (la fourmi, the ant) or are you spending carelessly (la Cigale, the grasshopper)? It is also about what you morally value.

People having Saturn in the 2nd house have or miss the skills of accountants, depending on the aspects with Saturn. They can be extremely cautious about their expenses and never grow any debt, which make them capable of being very generous. When lacking balance, some maybe thrift or even stingy, or have a tendency to hoarding. Others will be loose regarding their spending and income, or be generous beyond their means.

In Transit

When Saturn transits the 2nd house, it's time to take a look at the status of your finances, but also at what you ethically value in life. If you have not been taking care of your finances (i.e., lack of accounting), the consequences will have to be addressed.

Questions such as: Am I properly rewarded for my efforts? Does your job provide a sufficient salary? and Are you undervalued or unpaid? will arise. Do you have enough to preserve your autonomy? What do you need to change to solve income issues or to regulate them? Any issues with excessive or irresponsible generosity, or lack of, will come to the forefront too.

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